I don’t like premises so it’s good this is not one. It couldn’t even possibly be one because, whatever happened, happened in progress. Therefore, as life goes on, we do too. And Londinum, like life itself, goes on and on without waiting for anyone. If you don’t pay enough attention, you might end up eye witness of a flash forward rather than active agent of the contemporary. I’m taking too long for someone who doesn’t like premises, so, let’s cut the faeces. It is time for me to introduce you Mx Brain.

No, it’s not.


It’s not the time for it. Beside, you don’t really need to. Why would you?

For a start, I thought we were one. Or, if anything, I was your creator.

Oh, wow, not pretentious at all. Look, I’m just a very simple meta-narrative gimmick the Hack is using to deal with themselves and their previous self.

I thought the Hack was me.

No, you’re just the Raconteur. Can’t you feel that? You’re being written, you weren’t even on this virtual page seconds ago. No, the Hack is more complex than you, at least in terms of spacial-time perception. Or so they think. Problem is they’re taking this writing a little too personal even if it wasn’t the original goal so they’re looking for a way to cope with that. You feel me?

I’m not sure about what to say and it’s embarassing. I always know what to say.

You still don’t get how you work, do you?

Not at all. I don’t even know if I can trust you anyway.

Look. You started when they needed to write something for a magazine. They liked it and found it also kind of therapeutic. Going through all the stories they lived, both directly and indirectly, mixing them up, mixing people and places up. It was fun and enjoyable. Then, Londinium happened. The magazine is no more and you haven’t been written for a while. Then, because of a global pandemic or something, they went back to write and I suddenly came up. And with me the realization that what they were doing was different. You with me?

Of course.

Good. The Hack has always related to Phonzo in a very personal and introspective way, beside of what people say and, trust me, people tend to say too much anyway. Through that relation came the therapeutic effect. Time passed by. They met again, but that bond was changed. The person who created Phonzo is not the person who’s writing about him now. And, even though they want to keep writing about him, the focus of the writing has shifted.

Into what?

No idea and I don’t care, but you want to know a funny thing?

Are you even able to be fun?

When they started writing about Phonzo, news came out that Joshua Trank was working on his next film called Fonzo. The Hack got so upset because thought it might have ended up looking like they were geeking or something. Like, are you even for real, mate? Is that what you worry about? Anyway, then guess what?

Just tell me.

The distributor changed the movie name last minute in Capone. HA!

Very interesting. See you next chapter then?